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Valerie Mason

September 2008 Playboy Playmate


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valerie mason miss september 2008 playboy playmate

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Here is some information about Valerie Mason from her MySpace page:

“ Valerie Denise Mason.. i love chinese food and twislers.. i thank God every day for my wonderful friends and family.. i can be a little random at times.. also scarcastic.. im imature.. but life would be way too boring any other way.. i love real down to earth people.. i hate conflict.. it's very hard to make me mad.. i was born and raised in monroe, louisiana.. im currently in the amazing city of Austin, Texas.. i love to make people laugh.. or at least smile.. i could listen to music for hours.. it's amazing.. i think about the great memories of my brother every day.. sometimes i think.. how did i get so lucky?.. i dont want to depend on anyone, independence is beautiful.. i hate it when people judge me before they've met me.. life is hard but why not make the best of it?”

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A little info about me :D

Ok so everyone has recently been sending me so many messages asking a lot of the same questions so i desided to write this blog to let yall know a little about myself :D

Q:Where are you from and where are you living now?

A:I was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. About a year ago i moved to Austin, Texas ,but recently i just moved into the playmate house in Los Angeles, California. I love living here and being apart of the playboy family! Everyone is so super nice and I've made a lot of new new friends may I add! hahaha.

Q:Were you on the girls next door?

A: I was on season 4 of the girls next door. it was a really awesome experience. Me and 3 other girls were shown testing for Playmate and the whole experience of being nervous and meeting Hef and the girls. It was cool to get to show my friends at home what i went through..but at the same time i wanted to turn the tv off after seeing and hearing how weird i was.hahaha. I said "like" in just about every sentence and i always made weird faces..oh n i think i sounded a bit like a man..hahaha. it was like hearing yourself on your voicemail. but i am so glad i got to do it and i wouldnt take it back for anything! also you should check me out on the begining of season 6 because they filmed me moving into the playmate house!! :D

Q:Do you wear contact lenses?

A: I used to wear blue contact lenses, because i guess i thought it would make me look better. I recently quit wearing them because I've learned to be proud of my natural eye color that I got from my Dad. I think brown eyes fit me better and recently I've recieved more compliments on my natural eye color than when i was wearing contacts.

Q: Do you spray tan?

A: No I actually have never wore sunless tanner.When i do tan it gives off a orange/red tent because i have a lot of Cheroke and Irish background. I used to tan about twice a week in the tanning bed, but recently ive made the decision to quit tanning so much. Now Im starting to only tan once a month in the tanning bed and during the winter i will not tan at all. Im actually liking my natural color way more than the baked look i used to have. haha. Also I definately do not want to be at risk for getting skin cancer, it just isnt worth it. :D

Q:How did you become a playmate?

A: I actuallly sent in poloroids and then they called me to come down and test for playmate. I made a blog about this which may be helpful to any girls who are interested in being a playmate. Also you can find the info on which includes instructions for submitting poloroids or info about open casting calls.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I love all sorts of music. Im obsessed with the 70's and 80's. Also i love electro and techno music. And i also enjoy the type of music you hear on MTV (hip hop, r&b, rock, pop,etc..) Some of my favorite artists and bands are: the Eagles, Nirvana, Peaches, the Beatles, Lil Wayne, Lady Bouncer, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Madonna, Blondie,Bad Company, Ozzy, ACDC, Def Leppard, n so many more!

Q: Have you modeled before playboy?

A: No, I have never modeled before playboy. I was very nervous modeling the first time on camera and plus i was nude..but they made me feel so comfortable and it was a very amazing freeing experience. Im the type of person that when im changing clothes i make even my best girl friends turn around they didnt understand how i was going to get naked for playboy. But i think of it as a very freeing experience which made me comfortable with my own body. Im so glad i did it and it has changed my life for ever!

New Questions:

Q: When will your centerfold be in Playboy?

A: I am so excited to be able to say im Miss September 2008 and you will be able to purchase this issue sometime in August! yay!!!

Q: What kind of makeup products do you wear?

A: I recently started wearing mac makeup but i wear covergirl eyeliner and loreal mascarra.

Q: What is your workout routine ?

A: Im not crazy about working out but I try to work out at least every other day. I do about 30 mins of cardio on the treadmill or olypticals. n then i do about 200 to 500 crunches on the balancing ball..also i do a squats n lunges. but i try to switch up my routine often so my body wont get used to the workout.


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Valerie just attended Mardi Gras with the Girls Next Door so expect to see her in a future GND episode.
I wonder if she got any beads :)

Valerie appeared on the Girls Next Door show on E! Sunday, January 27th!

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